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Birkey’s Farm Store, Inc.

CDK Global Integrated Payment Card Interface
Pays Well for Birkey's Farm Store

Birkey's Farm Store began with a very simple seed the mechanical ability of two farm boys who, with another brother and partner, bought out the International Harvester dealership in Fisher, Illinois in 1954. Through a steady pace of dealership and related equipment store acquisitions over the years, the enterprise today headquartered in Champaign, IL comprises 18 stores and over 400 employees who sell and service Case IH and Case Construction and various other brands throughout Illinois and Indiana.

As the business has grown to serve its customers better, so too have customer and market demands for faster and more secure invoice payment practices.

In response, Birkey's made two strategic moves. First, it migrated its business systems to CDK Global's robust IntelliDealer dealer management system (DMS). Second, management extended electronic payment card convenience and security to all its dealerships through CDK's Payment Card Interface using CDK's Signature Pad Sharing Solution.

This payment card solution:

Birkey's Farm Store operates their business systems, service, parts and sales operations across the powerful cloud-based IntelliDealer, managed by Jay Scott, Director of Business Intelligence. This upgrade is part of the company's competitive advantage.

We were running stores on a system that our growth had left behind. The vendor was not too invested in further developing its software to accommodate us," recalls Scott, who oversees enterprise-wide computer systems.

"IntelliDealer lets us drill down very deep into its capabilities, which we did not have before, and it is quite easy to use. With the cloud-based IntelliDealer, we have operational insight into all of our dealerships from our Champaign, Illinois headquarters," Scott says.

Given that credit cards and CNH Productivity Plus accounts are used for 90 percent of all customer transactions, the seamlessly integrated Payment Card solution improves convenience, saves time and reduces paperwork for customers and Birkey's employees. Each of Birkey's 18 stores operates two to three card processing terminals and signature pads, primarily at the stores' parts department counters.

"They're in use constantly," Scott notes, adding the payment card integration eliminates the need for double data entry, which used to be necessary when invoices were paper and when a third-party card processor was used.

CDK's Payment Card Interface creates an e-commerce solution that simplifies submission and approval of credit card transactions. It is thoroughly compliant with payment system regulations and data security standards. Its integration with IntelliDealer means customer data is stored securely and protected in adherence to privacy legislation.

At Birkey's, IntelliDealer through this payment interface archives customers' last four card digits only. Birkey's merchant vendor stores complete customer and card data. Birkey's store managers can choose whether to store these last four card numbers or not. Doing so facilitates speedier results from customers who either don't have their card in their possession or who purchase by phone. Birkey's can quickly pull up transactional data from those four digits to complete transactions.

Scott points out that upgrading to the payment card interface through IntelliDealer has simplified and made reconciliation faster and more accurate. "CDK's Payment Card Interface eliminates human error in transactions," Scott notes. "It won't allow us to close an invoice until payment is processed, and that is a significant advantage."

"When we had to run cards manually and punch in card numbers, the opportunity for error was always there. Sometimes we thought we had run a transaction only to learn later we had not. That meant an unfortunate call to the customer to bring them back into the store to complete the transaction. With IntelliDealer linked to CDK's Payment Card Interface, we've eliminated regrettable and frustrating oversights that can chip away at customer satisfaction."

About Birkey's Farm Store, Inc.

Birkey's is a Case IH & Case Construction dealer serving Illinois & Indiana since 1954. Birkey’s employees are committed to satisfying its customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations. Birkey's sells and supports a full line of new equipment from 36 leading manufacturers. The stores are consistently ranked among the national leaders for its brands.