Customer Story

Huron Tractor

Payworks Integration Simplifies Payroll, Streamlines
Distributions for Huron Tractor

Huron Tractor, founded in the 1960s, operates nine locations in Southwestern Ontario. They market arm, turf, light construction and outdoor equipment. They also enjoy over a 50 percent market share for their lead product: large John Deere agricultural tractors, planters, combines and harvesters.

Huron Tractor has been a CDK Global Heavy Equipment dealer management system (DMS) customer for 33 years. As one of the first agriculture dealers to install the company's previous green screen system, it has now been a user of the CDK IntelliDealer™ DMS since 2005.

In Canada, CDK Global has partnered with Payworks, a provider of innovative cloud-based workforce management solutions, including payroll, tailored to heavy equipment dealers.

"The interface CDK has created for Payworks gives us General Ledger (GL) integration, which we thought we would lose in this transition to a new payroll system", noted General Manager Dave Fulton. "To the contrary, with Payworks, all we do now is hit a button when payroll is done, and those GL details drop into a spreadsheet."

There is no comparison between our legacy payroll system and Payworks.” – Dave Fulton, General Manager, Huron Tractor

With Payworks, twice-monthly payroll, including all T4 and Canadian Revenue Association requirements, and deductions, bonus earnings, vacation accrual and other routine payroll items, are completed for 250 hourly and salaried staff within four hours, rather than in eight hours.

Most staff prefer direct deposit, but Payworks can also quickly and cleanly dispatch paper checks with a keystroke from centralized payroll in the company's Exeter, Ontario headquarters.

"Payworks has considerably shortened the time needed to key payroll," added Leanne Smith, Accounting Assistant. "Payworks integration has also virtually eliminated keying errors."

Payworks simplifies payroll for Canadian users of IntelliDealer by:

"There is no comparison between our legacy payroll system and Payworks," noted Fulton. Payworks is one of several efficiency improvement steps Fulton has initiated for Huron Tractor. When he joined the company nearly five years ago, he surveyed various internal processes. "I looked at how we could maximize our use of IntelliDealer to streamline how we do business," he recalled.

These improvements have included adding an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) process. EFTs are Accounts Payable (A/P) payments made electronically instead of printing a physical check. Just recently added, the Payworks integration with IntelliDealer provides innovative cloud-based HR solutions, including payroll and other functions.

"Payworks also saves time by doing all distributions for us automatically, including tax, wage garnish, unemployment insurance, Canadian Purchase Plan and similar deductions," Fulton said.