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Stotz Equipment

CDK Global IntelliDealer ID MobileAccess 3.0 Improves Tech Efficiency,
Warranty Claim Processing for Stotz Equipment

Founded in Avondale, Arizona in 1947 as Arizona Machinery Company, Stotz Equipment today is a 25-dealership enterprise that sells and services John Deere agriculture equipment in eight western states, from Arizona and California to Idaho and Wyoming. To improve its service and parts business across all of its retailers, Stotz implemented ID MobileAccess 3.0 into its CDK Global IntelliDealer' dealer management system.

ID MobileAccess 3.0 gives equipment dealers remote access to the information their employees need on their smartphone or tablet 24/7*. ID MobileAccess 3.0 provides field service technicians with greater productivity by offering a range of tools and a new, modern interface connected to a live information feed from the dealership's IntelliDealer DMS.

This mobile solution:

Corporate Aftermarket Manager Kim Kistler notes that as a helpful tool, ID MobileAccess is part of Stotz' goal to transform its parts and service business. General Service Manager Julie Jackson, who handles day-to-day goal execution, helps Stotz dealerships analyze and use their dealership performance data available to them via the cloud-based IntelliDealer. Stotz supports 153 technicians across its group.

Improves service documentation

ID MobileAccess enables technicians to capture job-related photos on their smartphone or tablet and then relay that information to customers or their service managers to show pre-condition and post-service outcomes. This annotation means that Stotz technicians' service documentation is more complete, Jackson says, and the repair photography that is part of that documentation improves Stotz' warranty claims process.

We require our technicians to capture a minimum of four pictures on each service job, which includes images of the machine's serial number, the hours per the meter reading, and pre- and post-repair. They become part of our digital documentation," Jackson says. "These images, when forwarded to the John Deere warranty center means a faster claims evaluation for us, and the factory uses them to improve their products. ID MobileAccess lets John Deere have eyes on the job, so to speak, with repair pictures and their accompanying technician notes helping the factory improve its products."

Kistler points out another plus when service can annotate before and after images of their work: "Sometimes customers will say a vehicle or situation, wasn't like that when I brought it in, so being able to capture pictures like this helps us substantiate reality," he says.

A smoother service process

The time-capture feature in ID MobileAccess 3.0 is a big help, Jackson notes, for ensuring proper billing data before closing work orders. Technicians clock repair time at the segment level, update work descriptions, add complaints, causes, and corrections. Signature capture simplifies and expedites end-of-day service job reports , all contributing to complete and descriptive repair documentation for expedited billing.

"That has always been a challenge, getting technicians to complete their time cards," Jackson notes. "And because time records and description notations now go right from ID MobileAccess into IntelliDealer, we've eliminated administration time to reenter that data as we had to before."

Stotz Equipment also uses ID MobileAccess to:

ID MobileAccess 3.0 integration with CDK Global's IntelliDealer gives machinery retailers like Stotz Equipment greater service proficiency gains, whether repairs are done at the dealership or field, improves warranty claims administration, alleviates data double entry, and helps its dealerships service customers better and faster.

The depth of performance reporting this tool makes available , billable vs. non-billable hours, field labor vs. shop labor, warranty efficiency, and more , help users fine-tune processes to serve the company's dealerships and their customers more efficiently.

*Access will be temporarily unavailable during system maintenance windows and system backups