Introducing the First Fully Integrated CRM Solution for Agriculture and Construction Retailers

A CRM Partner That Puts Customers First

Throughout our history, we’ve created a sophisticated and service-oriented operation to help you get the most out of every business opportunity, and have remained committed to our customer-first approach and ideals. We understand the industry and customize our solutions to your unique business needs, challenges and goals.

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How Do We Help?
We’ll Arm You With Experts and Resources
So You Can Make the Most Out of Your Investment.
Equipment Profile
Implementation Specialists
By learning your needs and challenges, we can customize the Elead system setup for your unique processes.
Service Data Manager
In-Store Trainers
With decades of experience providing software and process instruction, our team helps with execution of the Elead toolsets and delivers on-site training to guide your team and ensure the highest ROI.
Parts Management
Customer Success Managers
Our Customer Success Managers drive the value of the Elead system by helping you and your team develop sound strategies.
Parts Management
Elead Support Team
We’re always available by email, phone or through the CRM internal ticketing system to answer any questions you and your teams may have.
A Powerful Combination
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  • Sales Solution
  • Sales Solution

    Our mobile sales and data solutions are designed to help you sell more units faster than you ever thought possible. When you aggregate all your data into one system, you can deliver a personalized experience and build stronger relationships with your customers. That builds trust and keeps buyers coming back, time and time again.

  • Marketing Solution
  • Marketing Solution

    Strengthen your relationships by getting to know your customers. When you know when to engage, what to say and how the customer prefers information to be delivered, you can deliver a highly personalized experience that your customers will love, while collecting data you can trust.

  • Service Solution
  • Service Solution

    Improve efficiency, increase retention and drive a higher absorption rate. These robust Service solutions are fully integrated with Elead CRM, Marketing and Service solutions so you can grow your business to the next level. Give your team more efficient tools and your customers more control over their experience, all while driving Service revenue.

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